In 2010, my friend Yves Bigot and I started Square Magazine, a free web publication dedicated to the square photographic format. Little by little, the magazine’s audience grew and I was able to curate exhibitions in France and the UK, showing works by established names (Roger Ballen and Cristina De Middel for instance), as well and works by amateurs, hobbyists, Instagramers, reporters and students.

In 2017, I left the UK after 25 years spent living there (Brexit was a fundamental part of this move). I purchased a property in the middle of nowhere and kind of reinvented myself as a plumber / builder / plasterer, spending my days renovating the house and fighting shrews, cobwebs and a total lack of right angle anywhere.

This property came with a barn, which I quickly decided to turn into a photography gallery which would be linked to the magazine I’d been publishing for 8 years.

The first pictures show the barn in its “before” state. The doors were left closed to hide the absolute mess behind. There follows a quick documentary about how it came to be transformed into a bona fide gallery.

The structure of the gallery will be that of a non-profit association. This means we can receive donations and also trade, as long as everything goes back into the gallery.