2019 Program

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The exhibition program for 2019 is ready. As before, there will be two shows, starting on June 01 to September 30.

The first show will be dedicated to the fun of animal photography. It’ll feature work by Carol ErbChiara DondiJim Naughten and Traer Scott. (click on the artist’s name to read an article about his/her work in Square Magazine).

The second show will be dedicated to the representation of the imaginary, with work from Mishu Vass, Carmelita Iezzi, Giorgio Bormida, Tom Chambers and Eric Droussent.

It’s the end of first year

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That’s it.

Square Gallery’s first year as a photography centre is over.

We’d like to thank all the artists who agreed to exhibit with us. We’d like to thank also, obviously, everyone who came and had a look at the shows.

A long winter is coming, during which we are going to hunt for funding, because we’ve got a few cool ideas and that requires, well, money.

So so long guys and gals, see you in June next year for some more outstanding squareness.