It’s the end of first year

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That’s it.

Square Gallery’s first year as a photography centre is over.

We’d like to thank all the artists who agreed to exhibit with us. We’d like to thank also, obviously, everyone who came and had a look at the shows.

A long winter is coming, during which we are going to hunt for funding, because we’ve got a few cool ideas and that requires, well, money.

So so long guys and gals, see you in June next year for some more outstanding squareness.

We have gallery. I repeat, we have gallery

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This is it. Square Gallery has been open for 25 minutes. It’s fully operational, with prints on the wall and spots on the wooden beams to light them up. There’s a nice visitors’ book to write loads of nice things for us and copies of SquareBook #2 for sales. We have the occasional cobweb too, I must confess.

So come on over, it’s waiting for you.

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