You can support the gallery in many ways. At the moment, square Gallery is run by myself and my partner. We pay the bills, make sure it is open, promote it as we can and so on and so forth. And that’s OK with us. When we purchased this property in a bid to escape Brexit, we knew the barn was going to be turned into a gallery and we put aside a budget for that. We do it because we want to, because the square format is a way of life and because the more art there is around the better.


This doesn’t mean we’ll say no to offers of help. If you have equipment you don’t need for instance, like old square cameras or enlargers, or if you can donate a bit of your time (see the Volunteering page), we won’t say no. If you want to give us money to help us pay for the electricity or the insurance, please do so. If you know people who’d be willing to give us a hand, be it financially or in a networking capacity, don’t hesitate to contact us either. This gallery is also, in a way, yours: you interact with it, you react to the work presented and, hopefully, it will make you think about trying to ditch the rectangle once and for all.