Square Gallery is not really a conventional gallery. To start with, our aim is not to make money. Our aim is to promote the square format. No more, no less.

This being said, you might visit the gallery one day and fall in love with a photograph. It can happen to everyone (it happens to me on a regular basis).

We don’t want to break your heart, and we don’t want to break your bank account either however, and that’s why all the artworks on sale have been priced a 250 euros, for a 40×40 cm print. The gallery will not take any commission, everything is going back to the artist.

Larger prints will be available on request, but you’ll have to negotiate a price with the artists themselves, in which case the gallery will not charge any fees.

Square Gallery is not a big gallery. It is a labour of love. We can’t sell prints for thousands of Euros: nobody would buy them. It is better for the artist to get 250 Euros, even if the work is worth more, than not getting any sales on a 1000 Euros (minus a 40% take from the gallery) print that will never shift. That’s our philosophy anyway.