Giorgio Bormida


Parents and relatives, more or less distant. We know the names of some of them, we have a date written on the back of a photograph, and we go back in time through these fragments of stories that fix moments of their lives. We look for traces of the invisible net that connects them to us, those similarities that link us to them. We try to understand how we have become
what we are through them. Holding old pictures in my hands, feeling their surface, trying to enter their dimension has prompted me to indulge in a respectful re-processing of the world of photography at the time before colour, and re-imagining the existence of the people who lived in these times. In this collection we find the same subjects over and over again: the girl, the adult woman, the married couple, the hunters and the biker. These people and objects are strictly connected, so as to recreate the atmosphere of the time.

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